Pérez Amigos launched in January 2019.

to tell your story

Hello, my name is Jaime Pérez, but everyone calls me ‘Jim’.

I specialize in brand storytelling, communication arts, and filmmaking that entertains.

The world has become a noisy place.

I help people and brands break
out of this chaos.

I bring something new to the table, good ole fashioned 'storytelling'.

Everyone loves a great story. So, why not tell yours. I say, "forget about social media, marketing, and advertising for a minute. Let's focus on you first."

Focus on your story. Make it exciting. Let your audience know why you exist. Tell them about your adventures and mishaps that have gotten you here. Make them understand why you are the best friend to take on their journey.

If you want to share your dynamic story with a hungry audience, I will gladly be your amigo in this adventure.

I am easy to reach, so send me a WhatsApp message, let's roll up our sleeves, and get started.

Tell your story in written words, art, or film. The choice is yours. But, start sharing it now. Publish it anywhere, any time, and to anyone.