Movies make people feel alive. Your audience wants to cry, laugh, and be shocked. Pérez Amigos can help.

Google loves video, so what are you waiting for? Let’s make some magic!

Our Products


Movies and Documentaries

Everyone has at least one movie in them that the world wants to see. Let's share your story.


Original Shows

If you have a brand, an original show can influence your audience to new heights of awareness.


Video Content

Google loves video, so focus on making the algorithm work for you. Why post words and pictures that might or might not work. Video is a solid bet.

Trailers and Reels


Welcome to the world of John Himmelfarb. His artwork has been transformed over the years. But one of his most interesting themes is his love for trucks. They are most definitely prominent in his body of work.

Sample Reel

Commercial work is always an interesting challenge as brands have very-specific requirements. We thrive within the limitations of creating work that is entertaining and memorable.

The 3 Videos You Need

Every brand or business needs these three videos to effectively keep moving forward: history, product, and testimonials. But, they must create a CTA.

We are
Pérez Amigos

We are storytellers that believe in the magic of moving pictures. There are surprises everywhere. There is no such thing as a boring story.