If you’re here, then we suspect one of two things – you’re either a company looking for ways to increase your audience and income, or you want to become a brand. Are we close?

Your Amigos in Design and Video.

Hi, I’m Jim Pérez

Welcome to Pérez Amigos.

We do two things very well.  They are graphic design and video production. Our only aim is to make your business more accessible.

Get in touch with us to give your brand the spotlight it deserves!

Make your brand shine.

Graphic Design

Graphic design elevates your business’s appearance, giving it a professional edge and catching people’s eyes. It’s all about creating a visual identity that resonates, making your brand more memorable and forging deeper connections with customers.

Video Production

Video production breathes life into your business. It grabs attention, shares info, boosts brand awareness, and connects with customers, leading to growth and more sales!

You are still here. Great!

If you are looking to enhance the look and feel of your brand, reach out to us.

In a short sentence let us know what you are envisioning and when is the best time to reach you. We can schedule a short Google Meet to discuss your project.