If you are looking to create a corporate identity that stops people in their tracks. We can help. If you need to launch a one-of-a-kind advertising campaign that makes people, cry, laugh, or get incredibly angry. We can help. If your website needs to escape the Twilight Zone. We can help. If your social media audience needs some tender loving care. We can help.

Your Amigos in Design.

Hi, I’m Jim Pérez

I’m the designer and advisor for business owners that don’t want the status quo.

I’m the fun, crazy, weird guy that connects the abstract dots so that your business is  more profitable.

Over the past 30 years I have carried the titles of fine-artist, graphic designer, creative director, copywriter, and filmmaker. You can say I have skin in the communication game.

Plain and simple: Pérez Amigos develops design that really works.

How may I help you?

We help your brand grow.

Corporate Identity

A company’s image should be like a sharp-dressed person at an event, leaving a strong first impression and building trust through consistent behavior.

Website Design

A well-designed online space should be like a magnetic force for the masses, drawing them in and keeping them engaged with its irresistible charm and seamless functionality.

Digital Media Campaigns

Creating a sense of inclusivity in a digital world is like throwing a party where everyone feels like they’re the guest of honor – no one should be left out, and everyone should feel like they belong.

You are still here. Great!

If you are looking to enhance the look, the feel, and the perception of your brand. We are here to help.

In a simple sentence let us know what you are envisioning and when is the best time to reach you. We can schedule a short Zoom chat to discuss your project.